This is the sort of call you would expect from someone who has been mugged or robbed. It is a desperate appeal that comes when we know we cannot help ourselves. It is not the sort of call you would expect from someone who is worshipping God. Yet, I believe that it should be normal for us. We need God’s assistance in our lives.

The presiding tendency in our society is to strive for independence, which in some ways is not bad. We have all seen examples of how the welfare system has produced people who have little or no motivation to work to support themselves, but are dependent on government handouts for their needs. Also there is a growing segment in our society that claims they are not responsible for their actions. They will blame their parents, schools, government, society itself, and any number of other factors for causing them to act as they do. We see this in a number of criminals and in the explosion of civil lawsuits. It is simply another form of dependence to fault someone else for our actions.

However, when it comes to our service to God, independence will cause us to lose our souls. The reason is quite simple. We cannot succeed. We are doomed to failure if we attempt it alone. Satan is far too powerful for us to overcome by ourselves. Look at the symbols that the Bible uses to describe Satan: a deceiving serpent (Gen 3), a roaring, hungry lion (1 Pet 5:8), a seven-headed, ten-horned dragon (Rev 12). God uses these symbols to impress on us the power of Satan. When we have a clear picture of the power of Satan and our own weakness, we can feel more like the mugging victim and cry out for help with no shame.

There are many ways for us to cry out for help; and many places from which we can expect that help. One way we call for help is in prayer to God. We find that the Holy Spirit helps us when we don’t know exactly what to say (Rom 8:26-28). It is also a comfort to know that our prayers are delivered by a high priest who understands our weaknesses and needs (Heb 2:14-18; 4:14-16). When we don’t have the answers for the battle before us, we must lay it before God (2 Kgs 19:14-19).

Saints find another source of help in God’s revelation. God has demonstrated His support so many times that it can only help us to search the scriptures (John 5:39; Heb 11), because they will confirm to us God’s willingness and ability to help us in our needs. He designed these words to give us hope (Rom 15:3-6).

Of course, we must not forget the local church. The scriptures often describe the church as a family (Matt 12:48-50; 1 Tim 3:15). It serves the same function as the physical family as a support for each individual who is connected to it. We grow in part from our connection to the body (Eph 4:11-16). Our brethren are always willing to assist us whenever we need some help (Gal 6:1,2). Brethren who give of themselves to help another brother are truly an encouragement to all and are living examples of Jesus’ legacy (1 John 3:14-18; John 14:34,35; 1 Pet 2:21-25).

Before we can take full advantage of the blessings of our relationship with Jehovah, we must understand the helplessness of our situation. But, our situation is no longer helpless when we come to realize the abundant helps that God has provided for us all.