Perhaps you recognize this as the title of a song that was popular about 20 years ago. I do not remember what the lyrics of the song were about, but I doubt it was the same reason that I am excited. I’m excited about Jesus! I don’t know about the rest of you, but the holiday period always seems to be a little depressing to me. I’m not depressed for the normal reasons that people tend to be depressed at this time of year. I get depressed because it is a time of year when Christians tend to get caught up in the cares of the world and let their commitment to Jesus slip back among the less important priorities of their lives. I have seen this in every church with which I have worked. Attendance drops off, saints tend to have fewer social gatherings with each other as they spend more time travelling and visiting family, the singing seems to have less spirit, even the fellowship we share before and after assemblies tends to be shorter as we rush home for feasts, family and festivities. Seeing this diminished role of Christ in our lives is one of the most depressing thing I can imagine.

I decided this year that I was not going to accept depression without a fight. So I am getting myself excited to serve Christ this holiday season with all the spirit that I can muster (with God’s help). Not only that, I will try to be an encouragement to all of us to get excited for Christ as we move into the holiday festivities. What better time for us to show Christ to the world. Most of the world is filled with a shallow, perverted view of Jesus during this season. We need to demonstrate the true nature of Jesus this season and all year long. We can build this excitement with a few changes in our thinking. First, always remember Jesus. Consider the rejoicing of the heavenly hosts at His birth, or the voice from heaven testifying of His divinity at His baptism, or the powerful teaching on the mountain in Galilee, or the entry into Jerusalem with the adulation of multitudes, or His suffering and execution at the hands of those same multitudes a week later, and especially, His resurrection in power and glory to overcome death and the final power of Satan. As you consider all of these things about the life of Jesus, how can you not keep Him foremost in your life, even compared to the distractions of this season?

A second thing to help us get excited for Jesus is to remember to pray — a lot! The more we get caught up in concerns of this world, the more we need to consciously stop and talk with God. Prayer can give us the power to overcome all distractions and draw us closer to God, where we find true happiness and peace. Peace and joy — who can’t help but be excited about experiencing more of that? So why won’t you join with me and remember Jesus and pray? See if it doesn’t make a difference in your life. But watch yourself — you may get excited!