This is a question that is both easy and difficult to answer. The easy answer is that we believe the Bible is the accurate word of God. Therefore it is the sole source of guidance for us in our service in God’s kingdom (2 Timothy 3:14-17).

You have probably noticed that many different churches make the same claim. Yet various churches that say they use only the same Bible keep coming up with conflicting teachings and practices. There must be something else that causes that confusion, since it is not God (1 Corinthians 14:33). Often you will find a series of “core” doctrines which define the basic beliefs of a particular church. But, that can be dangerous ground, as it approaches – if not crosses into – the arena of becoming a creed, which no church has the authority to write or adopt (Matthew 28:18).

So that is why this question can be rather difficult to answer in the manner you might expect. If you came to this page expecting to see a list of our “core” doctrines, you will be disappointed, since there is only one: we believe the Bible – and the Bible alone – is the source of God’s wisdom and guidance. Ultimately, we must return to the easy answer above – if we can find a doctrine in the word of God, we believe, teach, and practice that doctrine. If we cannot find it in the Bible, we do not believe it comes from God. We do believe in productive discussion – even sharp disagreement among those who genuinely seek truth (Acts 15:1-22) – because that sort of respectful debate leads to greater understanding and harmony among disciples.